Flamebeau's Ananya Arora on prioritizing self-care as a young entrepreneur

In this week's The Puru Edit's exclusive, we got a chance to talk to Ananya Arora, a 19-year-old navigating the industry as a young entrepreneur. With a jam-packed college schedule and growing a new business, she makes sure it doesn't get too overwhelming. She is a full-time business undergrad student and co-founder of flamebeau.

Here she gives us an insight into her daily routine; juggling all her responsibilities and still finding time for herself.

How important is self-care to you?

Self-care is imperative because unwinding and going off track from this rat race is necessary. Self-care has different forms for different people, some might prefer emotional self-care while some might prefer mental self-care.

What do you consider to be the single most important change you’ve made to your routine or lifestyle in terms of wellness?

Each morning I make it a point to be grateful and be thankful for whatever I have. This helps me stay grounded and makes it easier for me to extend my sincere love and support to the people around me.

How do you deal with time periods characterized by a lack of inspiration or procrastination?

Productivity is not directly related to the number of finished projects you shoot out within a given time frame. The whole point of productivity is to focus on the holistic growth of oneself.

Do you find exercise to be pleasurable, torturous or perhaps a little of both?

Exercise is essential, be it mental or physical. Positive exertion pushes us to strive for continued excellence and performance maintenance. So I would say that I find exercise pleasurable.

How do you put yourself in the right mindset to keep up with it?

At times when I don't feel my best, I don't force myself to walk away from my negative feels. It is the same side of a coin. Although staying strong through that dark period, and believing in yourself makes you the boss you are.

What do your mornings look like?

My ideal morning will include a healthy workout session, managing my classes and my business seamlessly, some quality time with my friends and family and finally some alone time to let the day sink in. Once in a while, I catch the sunshine to click product photos for my business.

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