Kiah Skincare on How Gen Z prioritizes self-care and why you should too

In this week’s Puru exclusive, we have Siddhi and Avantika from the growing Instagram page @kiahskincare. Having created a friendly safe place for skincare lovers, they are your go-to people for skin and hair care suggestions. "Kiah" means a person of earth and also the beginning of a new season. Read the full interview to find out their new perspective to self-care and how to deal with self-acceptance from a young age.

How important is self-care to you?

Self-care is more than just skincare. It is very subjective. We all have our ways of practising self-care. For some, it might be a hobby that makes them feel sane, for some it might be sipping on coffee and watching their favourite show but for some, listening to music might be therapeutic. Self care should be like brushing your teeth, a part of your daily routine, no matter what. Just 10 minutes goes a long way. Self care to us is like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold evening. We must prioritise self-care, ourselves and our mental health.

If you could tell your younger self one thing about self-love, what would it be?

Growing up, we often compare ourselves to others but we need to understand that it's okay to stand out or to not be like the rest because that's what sets us apart. No one is ever too short, too tall, too thin or too fat, we are all unique in our own beautiful way.

In just one line we would definitely tell our younger selves that it is okay to be different because different does not always mean bad.

What do you think are some of the most common misconceptions about self-care?

It is believed that self-care is always external in many ways but we often forget that it starts from within. We might be using the most expensive product but if we are not happy or at peace with ourselves then it cannot be considered as self-care. Over time, we have reflected on ourselves and realised that self-care starts from 'you'. A lot of people also have a common misconception that self-care is something luxurious when in fact it can include the most mundane things like making a nice cup of tea, reading a book or just talking to your loved ones.

Don't let social media trends affect your perception of self-care, everyone has their own definition of it.

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