Raisa & Rehan on taking care of yourself and starting young

In this week’s Puru exclusive, we got a chance to talk to Raisa and Rehan from the growing Instagram page @letthatserumsinkin. There are two medical students sharing their skincare journey with the world and breaking stereotypes in the process. Here, they talk about the importance of self-love and mental health.

Breaking the stereotype: When we hear the word “skincare” we automatically tend to stereotype it as a women's need and when we look at Men taking care of their skin most of us tend to give them tags like “girly” but we've come so far and this thing should end. Men also deserve to take care of their skin.

What is skincare? It is a part of taking care of yourself, and Men also have the right to take care of their skin and themselves.

We said it once, and we’ll say it again, SKINCARE DOES NOT HAVE A GENDER.

What do you think are some of the most common misconceptions about self-care?

People think that men shouldn't take care and pamper themselves and it'd make them less manly. We used to get a lot of hate at the beginning and even now some people comment our posts saying men taking care of them isn't manly enough, after all, we are humans and I believe every living being has to take care about themselves.

Why is self-care so difficult in practice? Or is it just as difficult in theory? These days people think too much about their future and panic all the time, even when they don't get what they expected they start thinking it's the end and can't restart. All these affect their mental health very badly, due to which small self-care tasks like going for a walk or even going to kitchen and drinking water looks like a task, It'd be better if we could see all the positivity around us and be happy all the time, being happy is not very hard it's a choice which impacts our lives. Choosing to be happy is also a big step to self-care.

If you could tell your younger self one thing about self-love what would it be? Firstly I'd congratulate and say we made it I never thought I'd come this far haha. I'd tell my younger self not to panic all the time, Instead of overthinking I'd rather recommend being happy where I was.

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